Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Sports Contraversy!

OK, I have discovered some disturbing evidence about everyone's FAVORITE quarterback Peyton Manning. We all revel in his squeaky clean image, but disturbingly he is more sinister than even Michael Vick.

Michael Vick was involved in dogfighting, but look at the latest product sporting Manning's image.

Peyton Manning Dog Biscuits

Looks good and wholesome right? Look Closer.

Notice anything?


That's right! Made with REAL DOGS! How disgusting can one human being get?


Justin said...

Does this mean he won't be playing against the Texans on Sunday?

Remember, you want them to win.

Momish said...

Just for the record, he's not my favorite quarterback! I always thought he was too sickly sweet until that SNL commercial skit. I saw him in a new light.

Houston said...

@ Justin. True this does leave me VERY conflicted. I feel all oogy inside.

@ momish. Being from Knoxville where he is regarded as the footballsiah I have no choice but to love every mumble which is uttered from that oversized melon of his.

I do like him though. Heh.