Sunday, August 19, 2007

Meanwile Back at the Ranch

A while back I blogged about how I HATE being lied to. Anyway, in a continuation of that, I fixed the dryer myself. Turns out it was not the heating element (DUH, we knew that). It was the thermal fuse. So off to Sear Parts store I go and $25 later I have a running dryer.

Advice to anyone, use Google before you trust the guys coming out to work on your stuff. We used to be at their mercy, but no more. The internet empowers us.

Thank you Al Gore!

So next adventure is my outside compressor fan is stopping after it runs for a couple of hours. Shut off the unit for 10 minutes and it runs again for a couple of hours. A survey of the internet points to a bad capacitor and/or a bad fan, with the audience leaning toward capacitor.

I'll take the thing apart tomorrow and see.

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