Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It Cost HOW MUCH?!?!

OK, so this is the MOST RIDICULOUS thing I have seen yet. Behold The Frankenstein.

This is the guitar Eddie Van Halen and Fender made together replicating his original guitar he used for years and had quit playing in the '90s (when he had Ernie Ball make his guitars) because it was a "Piece of crap."

You can go to Musician's Friend to buy it here. You can also read the reviews of people who already bought or know someone who bought it like this guys who says;
I know a guy who's nuts about Eddie, and he bought this guitar. He regrets it, and I mock him for it (I've also played it). The thing looks and feels like it's going to fall apart. If you're looking for a cool conversation-piece, then it's alright...but I wouldn't recommend playing it. Basically, it's a really accurate replica of a piece of crap. You can buy much nicer sculptures for a LOT less cash...or get a car... Just don't get this.

Yes... IT IS A REPLICA OF A PIECE OF CRAP! It is a $25,000 dollar guitar made to look and feel like a $150 guitar made by a 19 year old kid who didn't know what he is doing. As I told a friend "I already own a piece of crap guitar, I don't need to mortgage my house for another."

If you want to, you can read all about it and see a bunch of cool pictures of it here (for free BTW).

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