Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is Everyone a Crook Anymore?

Last September we spent the better part of the month with no air conditioning. Our outside unit had gone out. We called the warranty company who sent out a technician. That technician then said the unit failed because we had failed to keep it clean (ie: spraying it down), therefore it had overheated from a buildup of grass and crud preventing the airflow from circulating allowing it to cool.


So despite the fact we had two other people come out and say that was "Highly unlikely" we had to pay to have that fixed ourselves.

Fast forward to last week.

Our dryer has been out, for the short term we borrowed a dryer from a friend, but finally decided we would call the warranty company to fix ours. Last Thursday we called them, yesterday (Tuesday) the guy shows up and says we have a burned out heating element (no surprise)and that it burned out because our vent line is blocked (surprise). He'll not mention it to the warranty company, but if they find out he won't be able to fix it.


So, my wife is looking on the web on how to check to see if it is clogged. "Put the dryer on air fluff and see if the vent has air blowing out."

OK, so I do this walk outside and can see the flap for the vent open and can feel the air. I turn the dryer off, flap closes, no air. I turn the dryer back on, flap opens, air.

I tell her, it's not blocked and the guy is obviously wrong. She isn't surprised to find this because...


So using his psychic powers he troubleshot the issue. He also didn't call us back yesterday, OR come back to fix it.

For now we will continue to climb Mount Laundry to get to our bed while we wait for the shop to open to call him and/or his boss.

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