Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Hate Being Lied To

Well, I just spoke with the technician. He checked for the line being clogged by pulling out the lint filter and feeling for a vacuum. Interesting.

Out of all the things I have read on the web, I never heard of that one.

So I ask about my burned out heating element and how he determined it was bad. He told me "He tested it."

So I thanked him and hung up the call. I didn't bother to tell him I changed the heating element last night and the dryer still does not produce heat (ANY). I also failed to mention that the leads connecting the heating element were coated in dust, so he had obviously not removed it or messed with it.

I will be getting a chimney sweep to clean the dryer line and provide me with a written statement telling me if the line was dirty or not.

I feel a massive campaign of annoyance to my warranty company coming on. It's bad enough I had to wait five days for a technician, but then to have someone sent out who is only interested in trying to get the claim thrown out.

I am a jerk and I know it, BUT I am an HONEST jerk.

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