Monday, August 20, 2007

Air Conditioning a MUST!

OK, so I took about a half a day off today and worked from home. My air was periodically going out and as the weekend progressed the problem got worse, culminating in total failure this afternoon.

The wife and I had been going back and forth this morning on whether to call the warranty company as the outside unit is still under warranty, BUT we still have to pay a service charge. If we go through the warranty company it's 50 bucks, BUT we are at the mercy of them as far as who they send (such as fly by night air conditioning who they sent last year). The warranty company seems to send the companies who will declare a maintenance issue so the warranty company will decline to cover it.

So, we decided to tough it out and try it ourselves. We researched on the web (thank God for google) and found a guy in Plano who had the EXACT same issue as we were having. I started with replacing the capacitor ($13) but the air conditioner failed again later, so I then moved to the fan motor ($69). So far, it has been running for about three hours during the hottest part of the day.

Hope for the best.

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Anastasiya Ramanova said...

I agree regarding air conditioning. Especially in the summer you need it in your area as well as in NYC. It is so humid here that you can't function without the airconditioning. Also in Arizona. Have you ever gone to Arizona?