Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ticket System Frustration

Here in the great land of Tech Support we have a ticket system to track all incoming issues. This is so when the next engineer gets a call I worked on he knows what I have already done and what the problem is. My bosses can also look at it to see what is going on if someone calls in to complain about service.

It's also handy if someone gets hit by a bus and you can't go ask them what they were doing.

My frustration stems from the fact that my last call literally too 5 seconds to answer (I gave the guy the answer before he finished asking the question), but then I had to spend the next 15 minutes opening a ticket because of a glitch in the system. Because of the glitch I had to build a new site in the database, then try to open the ticket three times because it mistakenly wants to charge the guy. Then I over-ride the charges and it still wants to charge him.

Oh well, go get a Slushie (Squishy) at 7-11 today. They have FREE 7oz Slushies (Squishies) all day!


For my buddies who have noticed I am not on IM anymore. My company now monitors all IM traffic. While I have nothing to hide (as my boss will tell you while he massages his aching ears), I am very sick of getting pop ups telling me my IM traffic is being monitored.

So, in short, until we get some IT guys who can snoop inconspicuously, I am off line.

You might catch me online at home though. Otherwise email me.

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