Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Well, I watched Dateline last night on Eric and the whole mess. The way I see it we still stand where we were last time I talked to Eric. It all comes down to what happened in those seven minutes between the first 911 call and Erin's 911 call.

I don't believe her attorney for a second that she doesn't know what happened. She was there and I am willing to bet she had some choice things to say before he walked out the door.

It was interesting seeing Brian and his wife Tamara. Brian is the man who introduced me to Eric when I joined the first Band Eric and I were in. I haven't seen Brian in at least 10 years.

For everyone who starts feeling sorry for Erin, who was in a loveless marriage and Eric was never around. I challenge her to explain why Eric was never around. Maybe because he was trying to get his degree, finally, after putting her through school and raising the kids.

Yes he played in bands. He always has and always will. She knew that when she met him. She knew that when she married him.

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