Monday, July 02, 2007

2007 All Star Game

OK, so I can't argue withj the logic that Dayn Perry gives in this article for the most part. I do hate that he had to pick on the Rangers, but they do deserve it (truth hurts).

The part that stuck out was this;

"In critiquing these choices, let's be mindful of the fact that every team must have at least one representative on these rosters. Trying to dig up, say, a worthwhile Texas Ranger can be a challenging task. With that said, Michael Young doesn't belong on the roster. On the Rangers, Mark Teixeira or even Eric Gagne would've been a better option."

Unfortunately, Mark Teixeira has been sidelined with an injury, so I guess that would leave Gagne as the some (somewhat) deserving player.

I do have to add that out of the player I expected to be nothing but audience drain Sammy Sosa and Kenny Lofton have been productive. As much as Michael Young brings to the team, overall, I don't think I would have put him on the team either.

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