Monday, May 07, 2007

Ahhh the Weekend

OK, so I had a very enojoyable weekend. I got to watch my middle son's team play a great baseball game against a very good opponent. I also spent Sunday at the Ft Worth Zoo with my family COLLEGEGIRL, her Mom (Elphaba) and her dad (who I don't have a nickname for yet).

Fantastic time. As soon as I can I am going to dump pictures from it and post them, but it will only be from my kid's cameras so it should make things more entertaining.

I am just laughing about all the insane things happening here at work. Too numerous to mention and if I did too specific for me to keep any anonymity so, I'll let it go.

I will say I have one issue where we have proven Telco has a bad span (gone so far as to bring another PBX in and set it up and are getting the same thing as we did on the first one). Yet Telco and the customer continue to ask what we are finding.

Oh well. I have decided I am eating lunch today and I don't care if the world collapses. I am taking time off from the exercise wheel they have me on.

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