Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weather Thoughts

OK, I have a thought.

Why is it when bad weather strikes and tornadoes abound, mobile homes seem to suffer the wrath of nature?

I was pondering this during my ride to work with my good friend COLLEGEGIRL. I raised the question which would torment me for the remainder of the day...Does God HATE manufactured housing?

I mean really? There has to be some reason that Tornadoes hit trailer parks more often than Rosie O'Donnell hits a Golden Corral buffet. I don't know how often I have watched the news as a fine upstanding citizen without a shirt describes the tornado.

Hmmmm. Because I was curious I checked out www.godhatestrailers.comand no one has parked on that website. Perhaps I have stumbled onto something.

Anyone find anything in the Bible or Torah about this? Let me know.

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COLLEGEGIRLwhoshouldbedoinghomework said...

"...and God saw that it was good. Until Adam and Eve built themselves a mobile home. 'That is an abomination and I will not have it,' a voice thundered from the heavens, and God smote the trailer home with the wrath of his mighty winds..."
I'm sure I saw this in Genesis somewhere...I'm sure I have the biblical terminology wrong for "mobile home" but the gist of it is there...Meanwhile I'll keep searching...