Monday, April 02, 2007


OK, so for those of you keeping score at home. We just finished a round of Layoffs (or Reduction In Force if you prefer). Fortunately I survived, but the flip side is we now have a smaller force to accomplish the same amount of work, so more work across the board.

My job now is mainly answering questions from my fellow engineers and shuffling paperwork. I am not a primary phone guy (unless we get backed up) so we'll see what else I run into.

On the home front (since it's been so long since I have provided anything of substance), baseball is starting up, so I'll throw some pictures of that up soon. The family is healthy and relatively happy

AND TODAY IS MY SON'S 16th BIRTHDAY. Happy birthday Andrew!

Otherwise, things are fairly quiet. Waiting to see how the new GM works out.

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linda ringwood said...

A very happy sweet sixteen birthday to Andrew...may God bless him and provide him with all the happiness, joy and praises in what r ur plans to celebrate? if u need any tips...u can have a look at my blog as I have posted few ideas on this milestone :)