Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Middle of the Night Musings

OK, so it's 4AM when I update this blog?

This is a great example of why I haven't been blogging lately. METRO has been ignored as well as this blog (and anything else I blog at) due to the fact work has completely all encompassed my life right now. I was a die hard work-a-holic but the company I work for had managed to just about break me from that by steadily increasing my work load while reducing my benefits. Their main defense being, "You should be happy you have a job."

I now have high blood pressure and am on medication to keep me from coming unglued every time something goes wrong and I think is it really worth it?

I am currently sitting in the dark because the company has ordered the lights (except for emergency lighting) to be shut off at a certain time at night. So if my wife hadn't bought me a desk lamp, i couldn't see to work. Nice. This is for cost savings.

The ironic thing is that I heard our X-President spent well over 2 and a half times my salary in a week during a promotion (yet I sit in the dark).

Another fine point is we have three entrances to our building and after a certain time at night, you can only use one of them to get in (any of them work to get out). This is ironic because it doesn't make us any more secure. We still have to have a badge to get in (automatic readers) and these badges keep track of any doors we open. Also we have cameras all through the building so security can track us. The only possible advantage is it makes security look at one screen instead of three to see when people come in. But once I get in, I could do whatever I wanted to.

OK, so it's now 4:30 or so. I am going back to my call where my two techs working on a site destroyed both copies of their backup and can't find another good one at all. I managed to scrap one together to get dial tone on the PBX, but their networking is gone.


Paul said...

I feel for you. I've spent many a late hour chugging down the caffinated drink of your choice waiting for others to get their collective crap together. It is painful. You need a portable DVD player for "work".

Starhawk said...

Been there and hope I never have to be there again. I just started or will start soon a new job in houston and from what I can see they have a more sane policy towards their employees.
Good luck, it sounds like you will need it.