Monday, April 09, 2007

Amazement Yet Again

I know you will be SHOCKED, SHOCKED, to hear it is Monday morning and we already have the amazing call of the day.

Tech calls in because he has our PBX connected to another via QSIG. We get in incoming ISDN call to a station in our PBX. We then transfer that call to the Avaya station over the QSIG link. When the Avaya answers the user sees the ANI of the transferring party not the original party.

My engineer asks me if this is normal. I say no and suggest he check the QSIG programming on our PBX and run a layer 3 trace if it looks good.

I hear him go through the programming with the guy. Turns out the link is programmed for NI2 protocol, not QSIG. My engineer tells him this handy tidbit to which the tech says, "Oh yeah, the Avaya can't run QSIG so we set up for NI2."



So this tech called in, knwoing he isn't running QSIG, yet runs us through hoops to help him when he knows he isn't running what he says he is running. If he had told us that to begin with, the conversation would have lasted 30 seconds.

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