Thursday, March 08, 2007

Send Us Your Dollars Yankee

OK, I ran across this while loading something (it's still loading, so I am not shirking duties). It infuriates me!

OK Brazil. You don't want America coming and cutting deals which would be beneficial to us. I understand you want something out of it, but HELLO, if we don't get SOMETHING out of it it's called charity. Mutually beneficial deals are the way a free market economy works.

Apparently America trying to get something for the monetary investment we put into another country is WRONG. Our money is only good if we are just HANDING IT OUT.

Look folks, you will get money for an ethanol deal. If you don't want it fine. Enjoy your "Pristine" rain forest and continue to live like you are. We will keep our money and raise the corn for ethanol here (which is what we should do anyway).

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