Thursday, March 22, 2007


Call comes in. Telco tells the tech he is sending National ISDN 2 information in his SETUP message even though he is running Nortel protocol.

Interesting I think.

I look at the trace, the tech has pointed out what Telco is griping about. In our Calling Party Number and Called Party Number we code it as National Number (which his protocol analyzer shows as National 2).


Nice, National Numbering Plan means we are sending ten digits (Following the North American Numbering Plan). So we are perfectly correct in sending it. What is REALLY funny is the fact that the RELEASE COMPLETE message which has the Cause Value shows the Cause as being "Channel not available."

Nothing to do with number format.

It's really funny how someone with a protocol analyzer can yell and scream and convince techs it's their fault, when they have NO idea what they are looking at.

Oh well, that's why I am here.

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