Wednesday, March 21, 2007


OK, so I just found out Eric is supposed to show up on the Today show tomorrow morning for an interview from Jail. I don't know what all is happening, I still have to go back and watch Norman and Tonya in their interview.

Jen and I mailed letters to him today. We're both worried sick.

I saw his wife apparently tried to kill herself. I can only hope and pray his kids are being watched after by their grandmother. They don't deserve any of this.


Lillie said...
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Lillie said...

I'm sorry for your friend and all he is going thru. I've been following the story on the news and I will prolly catch him tomorrow. It is a sad situation and we will never know the full story. I will pray for him, his wife and the poor boy that lost his life.

Houston said...


Thank you. That is really all any of us can do right now. There isn't a lot I can say about what's going on, but the stuff I can post, I will. He is set to appear before a judge again on the 27th. We are all hoping for the best because he is a good person who just was pushed too far. We'll see what happens.

Your prayers will help everyone involved including his children and parents who are caught in the middle of this outside of anything they have done.