Monday, February 12, 2007


OK, I am so tired of finding bugs. I understand we can't possibly test every scenario and every feature with each new core release of generic software, but crap.

I have the out in the field software running a quick test and can't get Call Transfer Supplementary Services to work properly. I keep getting the transferring party's number instead of the caller's number.


I try different core loads, programming etc...

Finally I try matching core loads in both PBXs, still no good. Then I try OLD core loads in both PBXs (matching). Oh, amazing, it works.

Great only 9 major core load differences between what works and what doesn't.

Nice. I guess I need to start filling out the proper paperwork. Too bad this isn't the way it was reported to be broke in the field. That's another problem entirely.

I need a vacation.

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