Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jeeze, MORE Cold Weather

OK, this IS Texas right? I am used to is being around 70 now, not 27 like weatherbug shows right now.

OK, so I have been a busy busy boy over at METRO.

Unfortuantely I can't help myself, they are easy targets. Poor Deskmerc is getting in on the fun Thursday (in a way).

Bear with me. Despite the jokes and gags, I have several friends I am thinking about and praying for. Not things I can share on the web, but if you are one of my buddies, keep in mind, the Clan loves you. Hang in there.

Until then, enjoy this picture shamelessly modified and used for this post.

You can click on the picture to be taken to a full size shot which makes and attractive Desktop Wallpaper.

This is too much fun. Did I mention that?

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