Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fourth Wall

OK, so I am usually one to keep the Fourth Wall up pretty tight and rarely let it down. For you folks not in tech support, the Fourth Wall is the one between you and the person you are supporting.

The reason for the wall is two fold (at least), you have to be separated from the person you are supporting because the more they identify with you, the less likely they are to actually follow you instructions when you give them.

For example are you more likely to follow the instructions from your buddy on setting up your PC, or HP? You might say your buddy, but if your buddy tells you to do something you don't agree with or something you already tried, are you going to do it, or argue with him, that you've already done it.

Secondly, if you break down the fourth wall and become a buddy, then you get lots of calls from "Buddies" that need help from you. Think of how many relatives you would meet if you won the lottery and you have roughly the same number of "Buddies" in tech support.

You have something they need. If they can get if for free, well that's a plus.

Generally, if I have a "Buddy" (and I have some), they are real "Buddies".

Anyway, back to the grind. I am buried at work right now... Both good and bad.

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