Thursday, December 21, 2006

Service Sucks!

OK, as someone who works in a service industry bad service really burns me.

If I can choke down the urge to kill rude people, I have no patience for someone who does absolutely nothing when I am understanding and nice to them.

I just tried to buy a coke at our cafeteria, I waited patiently until the lady who was unboxing straws finally noticed me and then said, "We're closed."


They have never been "Closed" any other time I have bought a soda after hours. She was standing right there! Ring me up so I can break my $10 and then I'll bother you no more. I just want a soda and because the ATM machine only spits out $10 as a minimum, I cannot even buy one out of a machine.

I will now have to beg someone to break a ten for me or else drive to a convenience store and buy myself one.

Oh yeah I can't, my car is broken down and I am being driven in by my wife.

I am officially in a bad mood now.

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