Thursday, November 30, 2006

What is Cali Saying?

OK, so I am going to introduce a new part of my blog called "What is Cali Saying?"

Looking at the picture below, try to figure out what Cali is saying to me.

Is it:

A: The Cheeseburger was THIS BIG!
B: What is that on the wall behind you?
C: I should have flushed it.
D: Look, look, this is my Drew Bledsoe impression

Leave your ideas in the comments for some interactive fun!


Anonymous said...

This is my Drew Bledso impression
Good job Todd!!!

Anonymous said...

Ben says it is the cheeseburger was humoungous!!! I couldn't possibly eat it all, so I flushed instead!!!

Anonymous said...

Well being somewhat Familier with Cali I would say that is an I should have flushed it face if Ive ever seen one.,

Rebecca said...

ah, endless entertainment with the VRUMC band members...