Monday, November 06, 2006

Teaching, molding young minds

OK, so I get to teach next week. Normally this is annoying, but not too terribly. This week I have two students.


The outline for my class is for 4 days of instruction aimed at a class of adults numbering from 4 to 8 (preferably, not inconceivable to have 10 or so). A fifth day is allocated for testing as well as any kind of catch up work left over from the class.

Two makes it a little difficult to fill out the time for the full 4 days. I figure three days max and I'll be dancing on the fourth day trying to fill time. I usually find classes with 4 students are tough to fill out through the full fourth day.

Sigh. Perhaps I should investigate the Food Services Industries.

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Rebecca said...

I got it!! For review, have board races and play Jeopardy with the information...yeah, yeah, and before you even do that, spend half the day on ice breakers and memorizing all (2) names. Even better, give them random puzzles or logic puzzles, or, if you're feeling sadistic, story problems...
Okay, Louis is being nice and recommended or something like that which you could fill with pertinent information. The possibilities are endless... heh heh heh...