Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's Lunchtime

Hey, what do you know, I finally got to take a break for lunch.

Too bad I ate at my desk while working on a project. I should be writing a 100 word story, or updating the church web site... but I am kind of out of it.

Tired, my head hurts and I have a feeling the poo poo is going to hit the air circulation device as I have not heard from people I am supposed to hear from on certain issues.

I will note I just got a call from a gentleman I have been working on an issue with for two days. He has yet to go out to the site and work on anything since I have been working with him and keeps asking "What's next?"

I keep replying "Get me a modem that works."

Not to be a butt here, but I am offering to do his job for him because I know this problem is a real pain. All I ask is for him to get me a modem that works. A couple of REAL hours of his time.

Oh well.

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