Monday, November 27, 2006

The fun of my job

Part of the fun of my job is the "Mission Impossible" aspect I sometimes get.

While it is fun and rewarding to fix a problem (real or otherwise), when a problem is self induced and someone says, "The PBX shouldn't let me do that," or "Well it's your problem because we had it programmed wrong on two different PBX's and yours failed and the other one didn't so it's obviously a problem with your PBX," life can get frustrating.

So in order to keep a happy face on our company I am now troubleshooting a problem that we know is programming, have told them how to avoid it in the future and they know and understand it is a problem, because it caused one of our PBXs to crash and not another manufacturers we have to look into it.

I would laugh, but it is upper management telling me to do this.

Oh well.

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