Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tech Support Rules

OK, if tech support people do not seem to believe what we are told it because we don't.

A general rule of thumb is, if it defies logic, it isn't logical, it's a bug.

Bugs are not as frequent as one would think. Honestly the majority of reported problems are people overlooking something simple because their mind tricks them into thinking it is correct (it happens to all of us, me included). Or taking something for granted and not checking it yourself.

This is why we are all skeptics at heart.

For example:
If you are trying to do something which requires you to do step A to Z in order and you don't do them in order, the first thing we will do is make you do them in order. The next thing we will do is make you do ALL the steps.

I also learned long ago to never ask a question like, "You remembered to do Step H, right?"

Instead the proper tech support way to ask the question is, "After Step G, what did you do next?"

Anyway, more rambling when I have a few minutes.

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Rebecca said...

HA! Too true...