Friday, October 13, 2006

Tech Support Root Canal

OK. As I have already Whined to Laurence and Deskmerc, I am now at 1 hour and 38 minutes on the same support call.

This is one of those, "Why is the PBX doing this, it makes no sense, everything is right but it's not working, oh crap we got people moving in, it works in the lab, jeeze what do we do?" kind of calls.

I just had the tech reconnect all the connections from the CPU to the actual slots and this seems to have cleared it.

I don't trust it. I think I'll leave his advance replacement authorized.

Either that or find a witch doctor to shake a chicken foot at it.



OK 1 hour and 48 minutes. Laurence has advised me not to stab myself to try to escape. Also, just for you folks who call into tech support who has programmed something completely FUBAR, don't ask us why your PBX does something strange while you try to remove the programming... This falls under, "Uhhhhh... don't know. I useually program it correctly, so I have never tried to program it wrong to see what happens while you try to fix it."


Update number 2:

So we get the system back online. I tell the guys I have authorized new parts. He is worried the system sill crash again and is asking me if there are other things programmed that shouldn't be. I am sure there is, but it is beyond my job to babysit and tell him how to do everything.

2 hours and 19 minutes I'll never see again.

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