Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Question for tech people

OK, as everyone knows I work in a TAC center. We have a tech calling in reporting problems. Panic, alarms (can't specifically tell us what alarms) problems (various). We ask what has he done...

silence... "I NEED HELP! ARRRRGH!"

Is it really so difficult for people to understand we are here to "Help." Keyword is "Help." We ARE NOT a replacement for your own service center. If you have "Engineers" in your company, they should be able to work with minimal guidance and use basic troubleshooting to resolve issues. Same for your "Techs." A "Tech" title implies you are employeed in a "Technical" field and your job is to handle "Technical" issues.

Otherwise you are a "Cable Puller" who move at the guidance of someone with higher brain activities.

I am not a replacement for common sense, basic intellegence or training. You HAVE to do SOMETHING to help resolve your own issue.

Back to the grind.

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