Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sorry, obscure Kool Aid reference there.

I am just partaking of the Kool Aid again as I am once again assisting with something which is supposed to make life easier, make our software licensing safe and doesn't work worth a crap.

I have complained and moaned and groaned for three years about this and it doesn't get any better. Usually we wind up bypassing what the tech is supposed to do and do it ourselves because we can't waste the man hours to troubleshoot what we have troubleshot time and time again. Since we bypass the faulty crap, they stop getting complaints, so they never imporve the junk. BUT if we don't bypass it and continue to spin our wheels troubleshooting and not getting anything fixed we can't get anything else done because we are tying up valuable man hours.

This is a true catch 22.

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