Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another day another... 95 Cents?

OK, so while I didn't save the world, I am moderately pleased with the fact I found a nice Serial Port Monitor program. This happened while I troubleshot a twenty year old preinter not working right on our PBX.

Apparantly Okidata doesn't place well with (0x03 for you true geeks).

So also, besides finding the nifty program which captures the data being transmitted between any application accessing a COM port or modem and the COM port or modem itself, I also got to tell the tech WHY he had to have the customer get a new printer.

Of course I have to confess I was WRONG, as to the best of my knowledge we hadn't changed our RS232 method for the last 20 years.

Oh well. The dragon got me today. I was too busy to put up my post for Tummy Tuesday too. Good news is I have volunteers for voice talent for my 100 word stories. I need to record a batch and get them into Laurence.

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