Thursday, September 21, 2006

Work junk

OK. Helped one of the guys out with a call. Guy says he is connecting one PBX to another and it doesn't work. Each side of the link works if he sends it somewhere else, it's just these two PBXs which don't work together.

Troubleshoot and find our side is set up COMPLETELY wrong and would NEVER have worked AT ALL, much less to anything else. That would be lie number one.

Then find the other side is set up for a different transfer speed tha our side and would NEVER have worked to another link the way he SAID it did. That would be lie number two.

Why call in for tech support and give false information? You want help, you need help, but you don't want to give accurate informaton to get your problem fixed?

My buddy and I had to stay late to fix something we would have fixed before quitting time with the right information.

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