Tuesday, September 19, 2006



OK, it does not pay to be fat. Take it from me and my back. Oh jeeze.

I will be posting pictures of my Air Conditioner unit which failed. According to the technician who came out to look at it it is due to "Lack of maintenance." I haven't weedeated around it (as I don't currently have a working weed eater) and this growth of grass and dust trapped in the colling portion caused the unti to overheat and fail.

The safeguard which shuts the system down worked and shut it down, but when it started back up again, it failed again and burned up the unit.

Nice. Now I have to fight with my warranty company as they say they will not pay for it because i didn't spray the unit off with the hose to prevent buildup of dust and crap.

Oh well. I could be worse. I could be taking public transportation.

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